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From My Heart to Yours

2015 Merry Christmas

5 Keys to Selecting a Special Gift

Today I had a bad day…in fact it has been a difficult few weeks.  Not unlike many of your weeks…I did what I needed to do…but my heart hurt and my mind was preoccupied on all things that I should have done, can’t do and have to do. Enter SIMBA Roses!

a simba 12 edied

Simba Roses were sent by a person in my life that really did not have too, and really gained nothing for it; but knew I needed it and from their point of few, deserved it.  WOW!!!

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In a Creativity Slump-Check these 3 Things

Clock by JaneHave you ever felt like your creativity has left the building?  Yesterday you created all day and then you had to force yourself to stop because your body could not continue; even though the creativity was still strong.

But here you are TODAY, 12 hours later; and not a creative thought anywhere.

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3 Reasons why I love ANW…

I love American Ninja Warrior…what about you? A few years ago I saw that it was recorded on my friends DVR and was like, “Do you really watch that?”

Her response was, “Yes, you should try it.”  Now, I have to prequalify my lack of enthusiam with her suggestion.  For the most part our TV viewing only agrees like 50% of the time.  So I said, “Yeah, ok.”

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He said “And Wear RED”

IMG_1692Red, oh I don’t know if I can!  See, I am getting ready to do my first video in a few weeks and I meet with the gentlemen that will be doing the recording this past Saturday.

As we were closing the meeting, he said with a voice of finality…”And wear RED.”  I responded, “Red, why red?”  He said, “Because it will make you pop.”

I wanted to protest, but I could not even respond because he said it with such confidence and I was trying to determine why I had such a strong negative reaction to his seemingly positive suggestion…to wear RED.

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3 Levels of Doing Good


I recently stumbled over a blog post that has really made me examine my “doing good” efforts.  This insightful article is written by Mark Crocker . Read More→

Having a BHD?

We have all had BHD “Bad Hair Day”.  When was your last bad hair day?  Mine was just the other day.  It was mid day break at work and looked in the mirror and scared myself!

Really, I jumped back and said…WOW…I had no idea my hair looked so bad.  Did it look like that when I left home today?  It could not have!

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Be a Fixer Upper!

Ok, I am certifiably hooked! I absolutely love, love, love HGTV’s show Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines take homes that due to neglect, adverse weather or tragedy are houses that you would never ever consider having any possibilities or true value and does the magical “fix up.” Houses to Homes.

They find the properties, do the demolition, rebuild and fortifies where it is broken down, then brings out the hidden beauty that was not seen by others; with out vision.

Chip is the “strength” that leads the demo process and the rebuilding of the foundational parts of the home.

Joanna is the “style” and his support through the bleak days of tearing down and rebuilding; while still seeing the vision of the final beauty and usability of the “bones” of the home.

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Keeping company…


Jane & Joady sitting on rockKeeping company is a wonderfully powerful phase. It is a concept of behavior and unconditional love that many times we overlook.  It is different from just company, or even from the concept of companion.

To “Keep Company” means to support with unconditional love supplying anywhere there is a lack.  WOW!

Think about the power in this concept.

Company means to open ones home to welcome visitors to share and spend time with joy.  Keep Company takes this to a different and more powerful place.  Think about when you have used the concept.

Maybe you are on your way to visit an aging parent and someone asks, “Where are you going?”  And you say, “I am going to keep my Dad company this afternoon.” Read More→


Have you had an encounter?

That someone or something that intersects into our life in such a way that we must respond, it demands a response.

Encounters can not be ignored or waiting out. Encounters are sent with a mission and purpose in mind.

Meeting some one or something is full of possibilities. But having an encounter is all about fulfillment!

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