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My Close to Christmas Checklist

Close to Christmas Checklist

Here we are, just a few days before Christmas, and there seems to never be enough time, money or parking spaces for us to get it all done, right?

Here is a quick CTC checklist for you to review today.


Close to Christmas Checklist

Set a cutoff day and time to stop shopping and go with what you have.

Pick up one male and female gift to have, just in case. If you do not use them, drop them off at a shelter or church.

Pay a neighbor’s teenager to wrap your families gifts while you and a neighbor have a cup of coffee together.

Prepare a list of what you are serving for Christmas dinner. As you prepare them, check them off and record a time on your list that it needs to go into the oven.

Send an email or text to others that are bringing food to remind them of the time you are having dinner and thank them for bringing ______. This is a quick easy reminder to them.

Write a Christmas card for each of your family members with the 3 reasons you are grateful to them this Christmas and use the card as a place card on the table. This will bless them and also help you tell them where you want them to sit.

Christmas Mantel @ 7537 2012

It is my desire to inspire you to always give thanks, show love and don’t let the holidays crush your heart or your bank account.

Be inspired today,