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Voices of Your Choices – Part 1

Two of the most powerful privileges we have been given are our ability to speak (our voices) and our ability to choose (our choices). We have been given by God a free will; the ability to make choices for our life.

Just pause for a minute and think about this freeing state that each of us has if we take advantage of it.
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3 Powerful Lessons on Leadership I Learned from Rocky

I must confess, I am a big Rocky fan!

Not as in rocky road ice cream but Rocky Balboa, the boxer played in the ‘Rocky’ movies by Sylvester Stallone.

rockyThe writers of this champion-birthing series crafted Rocky’s journey to make us love him and deeply relate to the personal ups and downs of an undeniable leader in his boxing world.

I was caught up and inspired again by “Creed”, the 7th movie in the ‘Rocky’ series where Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) finds himself training his former rival and friend, Apollo Creed’s son as a young boxer.

In the movie, Rocky is old and out of shape. He is looked on fondly by many as once a great fighter and leader but not anymore.

What he doesn’t realize, at the time, is that though a leader’s body may age, their heart does not. Read More→

The Right Time to “Bow Out” as Leaders

Leadership comes in many forms, but regardless of who you are leading, relationships play a substantial role.


As leaders in management: the objective is to train others to be the best employees possible for the company. This cannot be accomplished without the employees having healthy relationships with the people they work with, the work they are given, and their lives outside of work. Read More→

3 Considerations If You Are In Management

How many times a day do you think you read, hear, or see the word management?  There are hundreds of blogs, courses, and classes pertaining to management.

In my many years of working within management in corporate life, I have personally sat in several dozen classes and even taught many, but my view of management has greatly changed over the last ten years.


Management, at one time, was a status symbol or stamp of approval that you have made it to a great level of accomplishment in your field of business. This is no longer true, though. Read More→

Whose Voice is a Priority in Your Life?

prioritize voicesYoung and old alike need to understand the dynamics of hearing and voices.  I remember that, as my parents aged, I needed to get closer to them for them to hear me clearly. Their voice was important to me because I loved them and wanted to supply what they needed.

When it comes to hearing, the most important voice is the voice of God; He speaks to us all, every day.

As I have aged, I hear Him better because I have made His voice a priority and have purposed to move closer to Him.

I recently saw this in action so powerfully with my Mother before she passed.  We all got closer to her so we could hear her.  As she grew closer to going home to God, she was listening so carefully for Him that it had become her priority voice.

She was hearing him each day. He was the voice she longed and waited to hear. She heard his voice, and her passing was timely. Exactly all that needed to be done was completed.

When I got married, my husband’s voice became a priority.  I could hear him call my name in a loud crowded room because I had made the choice for his voice to be important to my life.

When I became a new mother, my baby’s voice was the priority voice. I heard it over any other.

Whether you are 20, 40, 60 or older, we need to prioritize the voices in our life. God, family, delegated authorities, advisors and friends, they all speak into our life. We are the ones that give them a voice in our life, though.

Voice defined is a sound that brings a declaration, expression or impression into our atmosphere with an expectation of being received and responded to without hesitation.

Let us choose whose voice has this entrance into our life, and for those that do, draw close and listen carefully. These voices will be the guard rails to your purpose, fulfillment, and a well-crafted life.

It is my desire to inspire you to make wise choices and not to allow voices without purpose to speak into your life. You can talk with them, but do not permit them to speak into you.

Whose voice is a priority in your life and why?

Be Inspired Today,

Best Thing To Do When People Are Hurting

hassle while nuggetHurting is not foreign to anyone.  It could be emotional, physical, spiritual or financial. But hurt unforgivably visits us all at some point.

Hurting, as common as it is, should never be avoided, ignored, or casually cast off to the “I can’t change it” stack.  You know what I mean. Your coworker is hurting because she had a miscarriage. You have four healthy children, and you can not relate so you avoid eye contact. The whole conversation makes you uncomfortable.

So what do you do?

Do what life has trained you to do. Just be you!

Do you love to bake? Take her some homemade cookies with a little note on top that says, “I’m thinking of you.”

Maybe you are a writer. Pen a poem about God’s love for her and drop it in the snail mail.

Do you have the gift of storytelling? Grab her at lunch time and get some pizza together. Tell her your most recent funny story to give her a few moments of no thinking required laughter.

3 Ways to Help When Someone in Your Life is Hurting

  1. Pray – Oswald Chambers said in his book, If You Will Ask, “Prayer nourishes the life of God.”  When we pray for someone that is hurting, we align our life and behavior with the heart and plan of God for that person.  In addition, prayer will, by the Spirit, nourish the soul of that person enabling them to press through in being an overcomer.
  2. Present – Your presence being the same as it always has been will give them faith and hope that it will be ok. If you pull away when they hurt, they will read that as you have given up on them and the situation they are struggling with.
  3. Provide – We all have gifts and talents. Regardless of how “non-special” we feel they are, others feel it is special.  For me, I am a card sender.  I have been mailing cards to people since I was young. If my insecurity of what to say to them stops me from being me, then I have just made the hurt even bigger to them. Be you and be hassle free.

It is my desire to inspire you to do what you know to do – nothing more and nothing less. When hurt shows up in someone’s life, they are not asking you to take it away or be the answer to the problem. They just need now, more than ever, for you to be you.

Share below about a time that someone helped you through a hurting time by just being themselves.

Also, if you’re hurting right now, email me your address, and I will “snail” mail you a card!

Leaders, Do You Need a Trainer or Tailor?

trainerPicMonkey Collage

I am in the process of losing weight (yeah)! In 2015, I lost 35 lbs, and my goal in 2016 is to lose 40 lbs. As a result, I had clothes that did not fit me. So I sorted them and those items I would buy again I took them to the tailor to be altered.

I could have done them myself, but I do not like tailoring. Since I have made the decision to declare what I love and delegate the rest, my great tailor took on the task.

See – tailoring or altering something a person has already purchased and loves is a very difficult task because many times the expectations are greater than what is possible.

It’s true with problem solving in business, as well. Someone makes business decisions based on warped expectations and then calls on, you, the problem solver (or tailor) to make it fit.

Or when someone hires an employee for a task because they like the person, only to find out the person does not have the basic skills needed for the job. So they ask you to equip that person to do the job for which they will never excel.

When you are a tailor, you are not able to make the right decision in business that will be the absolute best fit and/or solution.

As a business owner or decision maker, you have to know how you approach problems in order to avoid using a tailor and instead, utilize a trainer.

3 Things I Have Learned by Being Both a Trainer and Tailor in Business.

  • A trainer works with what is needed to bring the best outcome with the best resources available.  A tailor makes the best outcome with limited resources based on previous decisions.

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4 Things Revealed in My First Mastermind Meeting

AWCLfireborn while nugget

I met a group of young adults back in the fall of 2015, and God revealed to me that they were born for excellence. However, they needed and deserved to be guided into intention with determined effort and skilled execution. Such potential could not go un-nurtured. Our world needs what they can contribute.

This is what caused me to start “A Well-Crafted Life” Mastermind Group in 2016.  I’ve teamed up with two other dedicated and experienced individuals who are committed to working with this group of six to impact their lives and legacies.

We just finished our first of 22 meetings we will have this year, and these are the four things these awesome young adults revealed to me in our first encounter together. Read More→

Mom’s (AWCL) Well-Crafted Life

Mom PicMonkey CollageA Well-Crafted Life always ends in loss for those that you love. When your days on this earth are over, your Well-Crafted Life comes alive in the hearts and minds of those that are dealing with the grief of missing you.

Grief in us is often cradled by the legacy that our loved one has left.

Recently, the one that birthed in me the desire to live a well-crafted life went home to be with the Lord.  My Mom!

She crafted her life up until the very end and her last breath.  She was amazing in how she loved and lived in her life.  But in her last days, she was still demonstrating the keys to a Well-Crafted Life.

6 Keys to A Well-Crafted Life

  1. Sacrifice – AWCL (a well-crafted life) will be full of sacrifice, but not the kind that makes everyone uncomfortable but just the opposite.  All of mom’s life, including her last days, was lived as a sacrifice for those she loved and those that loved her.  Her sacrifice was so warm and inviting that it made you want to be around her and share in whatever time she had left.
  2. Humor – AWCL must have humor for others to understand the power and strength that comes with living such a legacy.  My Mom always offered the power of humor at times, we as children could have felt scared. But because Mom was not fearful, and even smiled or laughed at that scary thing, we were brave, also.
  3. Honesty – AWCL is formed and fashioned on honesty.  My Mom taught us to always tell her the truth the first time.  Then as we grew, she showed us by her life and interactions that truth is not an option. Even in her final days, her honest look at how she would die will forever show us that more excellent way.
  4. Service – AWCL is the fruit of a life of service. Service to those that are part of that WCL and part of the vision they have been given.  Mom gave us so many examples of a heart of service, from serving her family and friends to serving with her gift and talents in the church. As God’s servant, she did her part until the very end to see the vision she had come to pass in her children. Now it is up to us to carry that life of service for and with each other in honor of her life.
  5. Joy – AWCL is a fruit of being content in whatever state you find yourself. AWCL does not mean that it will always be all sunshine and lollipops, but when you choose joy as my Mom did, she found peace and contentment.
  6. God – AWCL cannot really be found without knowing God and loving God with a whole heart. Mom showed us that it is always best to trust in God. In her last days as He was calling her home, her heart never wavered. She loved until the end and is now with Him.

These keys will forever be in my life and heart, and they are a big part of my Well-Crafted Life and the legacy that my Mother gave us all as her children.

I desire to inspire you to give thanks for those in your life that aid you in creating AWCL and to remember that you are crafting a legacy each and every day.

Oh! I would be blessed to be known as my Mom is – for her laughter, love and legacy left with many that knew her.

Mom Purple heart

7 ways Wisdom can change your life

W trees

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how fathomless his ways! Romans 11:33.

Wisdom begins with knowledge.  Before wisdom can manifest we must have knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation, and it is that knowledge that makes the difference between wisdom and advise.

There are two rivers of wisdom, God’s wisdom and man’s wisdom.  Both are powerful and can bring about favorable results.  The difference between the two is the knowledge base on which the wisdom is revealed.

Man can have wisdom from experience, training, education or gifting.  But God’s wisdom is “divine wisdom” because the foundation is in God that is all knowing of our past, present and future.

I have wisdom in strategic problem solving because of my years of experience and training; but what makes the difference is when I lean into God to solve problems. Then I am able to tap into His “divine wisdom” and make wiser decisions for today and tomorrow.

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