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Be Delirious

Words, words, and more words! I love words and the power they have in our daily lives. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this blog! Right? :)

job offer excitementOne of my all time favorite words is: “delirious” – Now, there are technically two definitions of the word “delirious” – but I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal so I prefer to focus on the second definition which is: “A wild excitement!”

If that’s what “delirious” means… who would not want to be that?! So, let’s decide together that we are going to life our daily life being absolutely D E L I R I O U S ! :)

D:aring – Live everyday (D)aring yourself to be nothing more than YOU! Yikes, that makes me *wildly excited*!

E:ngaging – Live everyday (E)ngaged in who and what matters most and you will be wildly excited!

L:istening – Live your life (L)istening to your heart first, last, and always; for it will lead you to the wild excitement you strive for!

I:nvesting – Live your life (I)nvesting in yourself and the lives of others so that you can create AWCL (A well crafted life) that births wild excitement.

R:especting – When we (R)espect ourselves enough to give others (R)espect we open the door to the wild excitement of unexpected blessings!

I:nitiating – Start the day by (I)nitiating joy and kindness and being the blessing in someone else’s life and you will find wild excitement in doing so.

O:ptimizing – Make the most of one of your fixed assets; your time. Take the time daily to do you, be you, and (O)ptimize your time. There is no wild excitement like really being in touch with yourself!

U:tilizing – You have talents, gifts, and skills. (U)tilize them to craft your wildly exciting life that will fulfill you and offer some soft places in hard times.

S:tanding – Do not back down when resistance comes; because trust me, it will! When we (S)tand for what we know we want and are created to do, wild excitement flows up out of our heart and gives us the press to keep going.

ExcitedYou may be called delirious, but that is alright, because having *wild excitement* is like our daily dose of the vitamins we need to keep going!

It is my desire to inspire you to go for the delirious life, full of those things that make you wildly excited, overjoyed, and a gift to others.

Be you, do you and remember that only you can do your purpose, exactly like you do!