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Voices of Your Choices – Part 1

Two of the most powerful privileges we have been given are our ability to speak (our voices) and our ability to choose (our choices). We have been given by God a free will; the ability to make choices for our life.

Just pause for a minute and think about this freeing state that each of us has if we take advantage of it.

Understanding #1 – Everything has a voice.

voicelogoThe first understanding that we need to gain about this concept is that everything has a voice.  A voice can be expressed in more ways than just speaking. Everything we do, say, think, imagine, smell or touch has a voice into our life.

Therefore, we need to be careful of what we permit to enter into our lives. Toxic people leave toxic voices in our life.

I am not a person that ever embraced foul language as a part of my conversation, but if I watch a movie with this kind of voice; the next thing I know I am thinking with those words in my mental conversations.  I may not be saying them out loud, but that voice had access and now it wants a point of expression.

Oh no, not this girl!

So, we must be aware that everything has a voice, and it is up to us to deal with those voices so that we can maintain the thoughts, images, and words that we want for our life.

Here are 3 ways to deal with a voice (or expression) that has had access to your mind or heart.

1.) Expose the voice: When I started hearing those unwanted words in my head, I spoke to myself. (You heard me right!) I spoke to myself and said, “I will not speak with those words, and I will not think with those words.” I exercised my right and privilege to choose, and that has power in our life because it is a God-given right to everyone.

 2.) Encourage yourself: When I have been exposed to a person that has made me feel sad or hurt, I choose to encourage myself with a voice that reinforces me and my previous choices.  It may be a friend, family member, or maybe a favorite song.  By encouraging myself with a voice that aligns with my good choices, I can dust off and continue on, knowing that the voices of my choices are what is crafting my life.

3.) Enlarge my voice: When I am faced with having to interact with a voice or person that does not align with my choices (and we all do at times in our life), I enlarge my voice.  I bring my best me forward and show forth who I am and how I am while allowing them to be them. I choose to be me and let them be them. No access given.

My desire is to inspire you to grab ahold of this concept and let it take you into a well-crafted life of greater personal and professional freedom for your life and legacyBe Inspired Today!