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24 Days till 2017 – 12/08/16

I love NEW! New mornings, new seasons, new clothes :). So in preparation for 2017, I am choosing 5 NEW things as a part of my 2017 goals.  How about you? img_2403-2

Here are my 5 New for 2017.

New #1 – I shall read a book out of my normal genre. I never read fiction. but this year I shall read a fiction novel.

New #2 – I shall travel to a location that I have never been, and it cannot be for business.

New #3 – I shall join a group that is outside my experience. I shall take a craft class, or photography class or something outside networking or business groups.

New #4 – I shall start a walking meeting program at work to keep us all from sitting so much.

New #5 – I shall join the movement to reduce possessions and increase simplicity for my life.

I am looking forward to my New choices as being part of my goals.

Be inspired today!